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Your private sightseeing car ride in Budapest

Get to the main landmarks of Budapest by a nice air-conditioned car with your hand-picked local driver. Choose the stops, visit the attractions, and don't waste any time waiting.

Carefully crafted routes

The Best of Budapest in 2 Hours

Discover the best landmarks and historical sites of Budapest on a personalized tour with your Welcome Driver.

€90For 1-4 Persons2 housUp to 6 stops

Budapest by Night Tour

Fall in love with Budapest on a personalized evening tour of its illuminated landmarks and most famous sites

€130For 1-4 Persons3 hoursUp to 7 stops

Half-Day Sightseeing in Budapest

Explore Budapest’s most popular historical sites and landmarks on a personalized sightseeing ride.

€150For 1-4 Persons4 HoursUp to 9 stops

Half-Day Trip From Budapest to Gödöllő Royal Palace

Discover the beauty of the magnificent Hungarian Palace and stroll in the park surrounding it.

€180For 1-4 Persons4 HoursUp to 2 stops

Half-Day Trip From Budapest to Szentendre Artists’ Village

Explore the baroque Artists’ Village of Szentendre on a 4-hour sightseeing ride from Budapest.

€180For 1-4 Persons4 HoursUp to 4 stops

Day Trip From Budapest to Székesfehérvár

Discover the beauty of the old Székesfehérvár town, visit its main sights, and get familiar with the Hungarian culture.

€210For 1-4 Persons7 hoursUp to 7 stops

Day Trip From Budapest to Bratislava

Explore Bratislava's castles, churches, museums and history

€320For 1-3 Persons8 HoursUp to 6 stops

Budapest Wine Tasting Day Trip to Eger Region

Explore the Noth-Eastern part of Hungary, discover magnificent historic buildings in Eger and taste region's local wines.

€330For 1-4 Persons9 HoursUp to 4 stops

Danube Bend Day Trip from Budapest

Discover the dreamy landscapes and towns of the Danube Bend

€360For 1-3 Persons10 HoursUp to 5 stops

Enjoy your travel to a maximum

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You will be picked up by a personal driver at a convenient place and time

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Enjoy your trip in a nice air-conditioned vehicle with Wi-Fi

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Pick the stops and the time you spend on each one

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Spend less time finding locations and waiting, and more time enjoying your travel

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We hand-pick the best, friendliest and most knowledgeable drivers in the city

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